Wedding Invitations

Our wedding invitations have been my latest design project and it’s been both really fun and at times pretty challenging.

Our wedding invitations have been my latest design project and it’s been both really fun and at times pretty challenging.

I really wanted to personalize these as much as I could and came up with the idea to make the invitations look like  miniature comic books. I wasn’t sure how Nicole would react to this idea so I tried to keep it hush until the cover was at least done. Luckily, she was on board with the idea once I printed it out for her on some nice glossy paper.

For those who don’t necessarily read comic books, this design is an homage to the The Amazing Spider-Man cover from the issue where Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson tie the knot. Spider-Man was my favourite character to read growing up so I figured it was appropriate enough.  I am 100% certain that our marriage will not end like the Parkers, though!

I thought about doing a vintage advertisement on the back for an old video game or something similar but didn’t think I’d have time to do it. I ended up placing the map to the wedding locations there and I think it will come in handy to people that don’t know where they are going.

The printing is where the real challenges came. Every printer reads colours differently, all media print colours differently, and every computer reads colours differently. So, thinking it was ready to ship off to the printers when it printed out so wonderfully for me on my home computer after just a few adjustments, was pretty silly of me.

Nicole brought the disc into Staples and printed off a sample for me to look at before going ahead with them. The colours were much darker than my version and was way off from what I was going for. I did some adjustments and sent her off to Staples again. Still off. I brought in another disc….Still not there. By this time I was pretty sure I’d get something close to what we were looking for with one more disc and luckily, it was something I was pretty happy with. The girls at Staples were awfully good sports about this! They printed us full sized samples each time we came in until we got it right.

The insides of the invitations are pretty simple… Just put together some flourishes and added the R&N from the front cover. There was a lot of text to put in there so I hope it’s not too small to read for some people! My dad helped me print these and then we shipped them off to Staples to be folded and stapled together with the cover.

We weren’t sure what we wanted to do with the RSVPs. We had bought some pre-packaged wedding invitations solely for the envelopes (we couldn’t find them separately) and we figured we’d try to print the RSVPs on the cards that would have otherwise went unused. It worked pretty well so we went from there.

Does anyone respond to RSVPs?

The traditional method has the marrying couple (or their parents) mailing out cards that can be returned in provided envelopes with provided postage. We’ve all heard from angry couples about how no one sends them anything back and then how people show up to the wedding unannounced. It seems like a large waste of cash if no one returns the things these days! So, what’s a good way to get some kind of response and not put an even bigger hole in our pockets? Facebook! Email!….We…Hope?

We’ve set up an Event Page on Facebook that invitees can RSVP at….

Note that the fourth last letter is an “I”(Eye) and not a “l” (Ell). This is probably something that will prevent some people from getting to the correct page. Bad font choice! Sorry!

Some people may get a poorly printed/cut RSVP card. For that we apologize as well. Our production chain had some kinks in it when we went to package everything together.

Thanks for checking this out!  We hope everyone invited can make it! Feel free to mail or call us if you need any more info or anything else!